Keto Show: Low Carb Pancakes

I’ve gotten several requests for breakfast foods. I found a great recipe for low carb pancakes on the site ‘I breathe… I’m hungry…’ link below.

The recipe makes 4 pancakes and the nutritional info per pancake is: 86cal, 7.5g fat, 1.7 net carb, 4.1g protein. They tast delicious and can be used in another recipe that I’m making later tonight (also from I breath…I’m hungry…).

The ingredients are: 2oz cream cheese, 2 eggs, 2 tsp splenda, and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

If there are any types of foods you want to see made low carb, let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @KaitNAnderson.

Cream Cheese Pancakes (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

Music from the commercial free section of cc.mixter – Tittle Blue Circles by unreal_dm.

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