Keto Smoothie (Berry Bliss)- the BEST low carb keto smoothie, AMAZING taste!

The Keto King (a.k.a The Banting Boss) channel:

NOTE: The quantities stated makes 2 big glasses of this keto smoothie!

This is THE ONLY healthy keto smoothie or any keto smoothie recipe you will want to make. It is a low carb berry smoothie (aka a keto berry smoothie), which not only has an amazing taste, but is packed full of micronutrients and good fats! I like to call it the berry bliss smoothie! It truly tastes too good to be real! It is really quick, fast, simple and easy to make and this, also one of the many banting smoothies I make, will keep you full. I have experimented with many keto recipes for a healthy keto smoothie, used many ingredients, ratios of ingredients, and have come up with this lchf protein smoothie which is the perfect consistency and amazing taste!

This lchf berry smoothie will suit anyone on a ketogenic diet, keto diet, banting, banting diet or people eating a low carb diet, eating a low carb high fat diet, eating a lchf diet or anyone in search of an amazing smoothie to make in the morning when they don’t have time. I make this at least 3 times a week for breakfast – it saves time and tastes delicious.

Trust the keto king a.k.a the banting boss on this one – you will not regret trying this keto smoothie! Let me know in the comments how much you loved it!

Average Macros (per 1 serving):
Calories – 364
Fat – 15g
Net Carbs – 12g (22g carbs – 10g fibre)
Protein – 34g

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