Low-Calorie Cheese Crackers : Low-Cal & Low-Carb Recipes

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Cheese crackers are great for an appetizer or to garnish salads, especially if they are low in calories. Using Parmesan cheese is best because it is one of the lowest-calorie cheeses there is. Allow the crackers to cook just long enough in the oven and soon enough they’ll be ready for snacking. Learn more about making low-calorie cheese crackers from a professional chef in this free video.

Expert: Laura Hahn
Contact: www.guiltfreefoodiecutie.com
Bio: Laura Hahn was recently a winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef.
Filmmaker: Ed Candelora

Series Description: Enjoying a delicious meal is one thing, but when it’s also healthy and low in carbs and calories, it’s a pure win-win situation. Chef Laura Hahn teaches how to cook a variety of meals that will taste just as good but without all the guilt. From low-carb tortilla chips to pumpkin applesauce desserts, these are some great recipes. Learn how to eat healthier while still being just as happy with help from a chef in this free video series on healthy eating recipes.

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