Low Carb Ground Beef Recipes for Dinner: “Big Mac” Pie

Recreate your favorite fast food flavors in a form fitting for your low carb diet with this unique casserole recipe. In this Atkins diet cooking video, Kent Altena (youtube.com/bowulf) shows you how to make his recipe for “Big Mac” Pie, a baked dish that replicates the taste of the nostalgic McDonald’s sandwich.

Kent says, “Linda Genaw of Linda’s Low Carb Recipe site (genaw.com/lowcarb/) fame has a very popular recipe called White Castle Pie. That recipe was good, but not having a White Castle in Iowa I had to assume the flavor was true. I wanted to make the recipe my own and replace a former favorite of mine, the Big Mac.”

Go to http://www.favehealthyrecipes.com/Savory-Pies/Low-Carb-Big-Mac-Pie or the full instructions list and step-by-step instructions for this low carb ground beef recipe.

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