Quick and Easy Low Carb Morning Breakfast Shake Recipe

This is LowCarbChef’s first breakfast option for all of you looking for a suitable low carb substitute in your morning routine. Our breakfast replacement shake recipe will help you meet all your nutritional needs, cut the carbs and enjoy a flavorful taste all in one glass. This option is loaded with vitamins, minerals and is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Suitable as a breakfast meal replacement or a diet and weight loss shake, you will be sure to get all the nutrients you need without the fats, carbs and sugars. Start your mornings on the right foot with Low Carb Chef’s breakfast shake!

Ingredients and Serving Sizes:
2 scoops organic protein
1 tbsp organic chia seeds
1tbsp hemp hearts
2 cups organic carrot juice
1/4 cup triple berry blend

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